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What we do

We work at the forefront to contribute to a Mexican state that is aligned with the human rights framework, ensures gender equality, and achieves sustainable development by transforming the current development model to address the structural causes that generate and reproduce inequalities and environment destruction.

Our gender mainstreaming methodology works to ensure the incorporation of a gender perspective in public policy implementation. The methodology includes: policy and gender analysis to identify inequalities between women and men (gender gaps); temporary special measures; instrumentation; monitoring and evaluation. All actions are aimed at reducing structural inequality experienced by women in Mexico.

We are also pioneers in the development of an innovative methodology to ensure gender equality in the design and implementation of public budgets, which has been recognized both nationally and internationally.

We have worked in training and advisory capacity with executive and legislative branches, at national and state levels in Mexico, Latin America and the Caribbean, and Nordic countries, among others.

We offer specialized advice, training, accompaniment and consulting

We strengthen women’s political participation and promote an economic empowerment agenda. We seek to increase women’s presence and participation in various sectors, including public and decision-making positions, through a variety of actions. We build their capacity and raise awareness about the importance of exercising an informed and active citizenship.

We carry out projects to strengthen sexual and reproductive rights inside the national and international legal frameworks, and to disseminate these rights in diverse sectors of the population. Our projects aim to strengthen the exercise of citizenship with respect to sexual and reproductive life, as well as its inherent rights. We carry out actions that contribute to the fulfillment women’s right to access legal abortion, and promote civil participation in the fight for respect of women’s right to make free and informed decisions about their life and body.

We develop capacity-building, training, and intervention processes that promote gender equality, using the human rights framework and a multidisciplinary approach.

We are convinced that experience-based learning is essential as it allows people to incorporate new information and transform it into knowledge that assists them to plan, make decisions and solve problems strategically. We work face to face and incorporate information and communication technologies (ICTs) as part of the learning process.

This area develops and implements integrated communication strategies based on political and social analysis to position Equidad as a key reference point for opinion leaders and decision makers on the issues it promotes through traditional and online media, social networks and creative digital platforms.

Strategic communication also disseminates and promotes Equidad’s work to generate favorable public opinion, strengthen its feminist position, and advocate for women’s rights.

Some actions we carry out:

  •  Analysis and information management with a gender and feminist perspective.
  •  Organizational communication. Internal and external training on public speaking in political and advocacy contexts, and strategic use of social networks and digital platforms. 
  • Creation and consolidation of alliances with institutions and organizations.

We work hand in hand with companies to define strategies aligned with the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals that promote inclusive, egalitarian, diverse, socially responsible, healthy and more productive environments in work spaces through the following actions:

Training on issues of inclusion, equality and diversity

Our talks are based on the methodology of microlearning and the resolution of case studies to acquire great teachings and skills in one-hour sessions with facilitators who have more than 20 years of experience in the topics and a long history recognized nationally and internationally. .

Design and implementation of documents for obtaining and updating certifications.

We develop the statutes, protocols and diagnoses for the fulfillment of the company’s objectives in terms of equity and inclusion.

Social investment.

We plan, coordinate and execute community projects in different states of the country that promote education, digital inclusion, life routes and empowerment for children and adolescents in Mexico. In addition, we strengthen leadership and seek to expand the generation of jobs for women in their diversity.