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Another World is Possible: A Feminist Monitoring & Advocacy Toolkit for Our Feminist Future.

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A collective of feminists — which includes Equidad de Género, Ciudadanía, Trabajo y Familia– advocating for a feminist response to COVID is excited to share a new toolkit titled, “Another World is Possible: A Feminist Monitoring & Advocacy Toolkit for Our Feminist Future.” This toolkit and the accompanying online features are our collective’s joint effort to translate its Feminist Response to COVID-19 Principles into guidance and evidence-based recommendations for advocacy and policymaking. We hope this toolkit serves as a useful resource as we continue our work towards a world free from violence, where human rights and gender equality are fulfilled, and where the health and well-being of all peoples’ and the planet are ensured.

The downloadable PDF version of the toolkit is currently available in English, Spanish and French. The downloadable toolkit is also complimented by two other online pieces – a live Power Mapping and a live Advocacy Timeline. Explore them here!

Join the collective on Thursday, 17th December at 9:30AM EST/ 9:30 PM UTC+ 7 for a virtual toolkit tutorial, we will guide you through the document and introduce you to its two accompanying live pieces. Register here to be part of the tutorial.

Let us build this feminist future together!